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          Geared for a Better Future

          Global leader in wind power drive equipment

          Legal Statement

          Note: It is strongly recommended to read the following clauses carefully before using the website.

          If you disagree with the following conditions, please do not use the website or any contents contained therein. Otherwise your use of the website or the contents contained therein will imply that you agree with the following clauses.

          Website information

          All information contained within the website are not under any guarantee, including guarantees of merchantability and of being suited to a specific purpose, being free of computer viruses or tort of intellectual property. NGC does not guarantee the absolute accuracy and integrity of the website information. Provided that the content of the NGC website changes, including the changes to products, configurations, or anything else, or if the content of the website becomes obsolete, NGC makes no commitments to simultaneously update them. If the information posted by the website is different from the operating instruction of product, the latter shall prevail.

          General restrictions

          All information, documents, products, services, trademarks, logos, figures and pictures (materials) provided by the website belong to and are the property of NGC Group, its subsidiary company or other right holders. Any use of the website information without prior authorization will constitute a violation of copyright, trademark and other laws and regulations.

          NGC agrees that you may only display the website on your personal computer for your own purpose. You may not use the website for any commercial purpose or for any other purposes unless expressly authorized by NGC in writing. You agree that you won't disclose the website contents in whole or in part to any persons, including, but not limited to copying, distributing, publishing, or broadcasting for any company or organization. You may not post any content of the website in newsletters, emails, or bulletin boards. You agree that you have no right to modify, edit, change or add any material in any form. Under the condition that you are not informed in advance, the restrictive clause shall take automatic effect upon notification, and you agree to destroy any printed or downloaded material immediately in accordance with the restrictive clause.

          You agree you will never mirror any content contained in the website or any third party’s information to any other servers or internet devices without the prior written consent of NGC or authorized agent of NGC.

          The website can be linked to any third party’s WWW or internet website that is out of the control or maintenance of NGC. You agree that the provision of NGC for such links is for the purpose of convenience. NGC is not liable for the contents of the third party’s website, and any results and risks arising from the third party’s website shall be assumed by you yourself. Some contents of the website are password protected (restricted areas). If you are the authorized user of the restricted area, you agree you are responsible for keeping your password and account number confidential; moreover you agree you will immediately inform NGC if your password is lost, stolen or is decoded by any unauthorized third party. You agree you will be liable for any behaviors arising from or related to the account number you own, including all expenses related to or arising from the account number under your password’s protection; whether or not the expense occurs due to your personal behavior. You agree you will immediately inform NGC if any unauthorized usage of your account number occurs.

          You agree that the website may contain certain inaccuracies or print errors, and which may possibly affect the quality of the content contained in the website. You agree the material or any third party’s content is not verified independently by NGC or authorized in whole or in part by NGC. You furthermore agree that NGC does not make commitment regarding the accuracy or timeliness of any material or third party contents. Moreover, you agree NGC is not liable for lengthiness of any source materials or third party’s content.

          Limitation of liability

          In order to maximize expansion of the usable laws, NGC is not liable for any damage or loss suffered by the display, copying or downloading of the website information, or use or impossibility of use of the website. NGC is not liable for any indirect, special, exemplary, punitive, or casual damage or losses therefrom (including, but not limited to profit loss, indirect loss, incidental loss, data loss, taxation or other economic benefit losses).

          Local law

          All disputes arising from or related to the statement or the use of the website applies to the laws of the People’s Republic of China. NGC does not guarantee the effective use of the website information internationally. If you use the website out of China, you are liable for using the website contents by observing local laws.

          Website breach clause

          If you violate or disobey the terms and clauses of the website, NGC reserves the right to stop serving you immediately without sending prior notice or making prior explanation.

          You agree NGC and NGC agents can improve or change the service of the website without prior notice, and you further agree that NGC can revise the terms and clauses without announcement. It is recommended that you access the website so as to know the current clauses. Your continuous use of the website will be deemed that you accept the change.

          Any dispute arising from or related to the statement or the use of the website should be solved through consultation. If no agreement is concluded through consultation, all parties agree to the submission of such a dispute to the Nanjing Arbitration Committee for arbitration. The arbitration decision will be final and will be binding on all parties.

          The power of interpretation for the Legal Statement and the use of the website are vested in NGC.

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