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          Breakthrough for NGC Group with the CRH Gearbox

          Published: 2018-08-23


          After 4 years of development, the NGC gearbox for the “Harmony” CRH380B bullet train, which has a top speed of 380km/h, was awarded a probationary certificate from CRCC (China Railway Test & Certification Centre) on July 19th, 2018.

          At the same time, the NGC gearbox specifically developed for the “Fuxing” bullet train, which has a top speed of 250km/h, passed its expert technical review on July 25th, 2018.

          Gearbox for the 380KM/H CRH Train Awarded CRCC Probationary Certificate

          The CRH380B train is a model of the “Harmony” bullet trains which operate throughout China. Until now, the gearboxes used in these trains, which are considered critical parts, are still being imported from other countries.

          Based on the required technical improvements for gear transmission systems (critical parts for high speed trains, but ones which currently have a relatively weak technical foundation in our country), NGC carried out a number of research projects into the CRH380B gear transmission system. These included foundation research, technical research, prototype trial-manufacturing, and trial technology research. As a result, we have been awarded proprietary intellectual property rights for this world-class technology. Furthermore, we have invested in CRH gear transmission system testing and verification equipment, simulation design software and special equipment trial-manufacturing, in order to establish world-leading test and verification, simulation and product platforms. We are thus leading the technical development of gear transmission systems for the CRH, and providing an alternative to imported products. At the same time, we are steadily improving our industrialization capabilities.

          After the requisite preliminary factory inspection, product sampling inspection, third party verification testing, expert review and post-certification follow-up assessment according to the CRCC product certification rules, NGC was awarded the CRCC Probationary Certificate on July 19th, 2018. This means that the NGC gearbox (PSH380-01) specifically developed for the CRH380B trains has got the necessary product application assessment qualification.

          Gearbox for the 250KM/H “Fuxing” Bullet Train Passed Expert Review.

          Following the acquisition of the CRCC probationary certificate for the CRH380B gearbox, our device designed specifically for the 250km/h “Fuxing” train also passed its expert review on July 25th, 2018. During this review, the gearbox was highly praised by the experts present, who consisted of specialists from engine manufacturers, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutes.

          The “Fuxing” is a new type of high-speed bullet train, specifically designed for the operational environment and running conditions of China’s high-speed railway network. It can satisfy the need for more complex, long-distance, and continuous high-speed operation, establishing a design and manufacturing platform designed specifically for this market, and realize China’s technical independence of high-speed train. Work on the “Fuxing” began in 2012. The train was jointly developed through the combined efforts of various Chinese corporations, universities, and scientific research institutes, under the leadership of the China Railway Corporation. The “Fuxing” is manufactured in accordance with 254 key standards - 84% of these are Chinese national standards, meaning the new high speed trains truly are “Made in China” technology. The 350km/h “Fuxing” train is already in operation, while the 250km/h edition is still under development.

          The gearbox is one of nine critical technologies used in high-speed trains. By absorbing the experience and lessons learned from the CRH380B train, the PSH370-01 (designed specifically for the 250km/h “Fuxing” train) features a top-quality parallel bevel gear transmission system, oil splash lubrication, a split-type cast aluminum body, rounded boom and hoist, non-contact maze sealing and a gearbox grounding backflow structure. We carried out more than 20 different types of tests and inspections, including strength testing and end-of-life calculations for various gearbox parts, high- and low-temperature thermodynamic analyses, modal analysis and sealing property analysis. This type of gearbox is characterized by its high power density, strong carrying capacity, high reliability and easy maintenance, as well as its ability to adapt to extreme conditions between -40℃ and +40℃.

          During the expert review meeting, the specialists present went through the technical design of the gearbox, as well as its manufacturing process, quality control system, and prototype trial report. After a question and answer session, they unanimously approved the technical review of the NGC 250km/h “Fuxing” gearbox (PSH370-01), meaning that the necessary qualification had been obtained.

          About NGC Rail Transport Products

          As a global expert and solution provider of gearboxes and power transmissions, NGC has dedicated itself to transmission technology for nearly fifty years. In the field of rail transport, the company has always endeavored to provide its customers with safe, reliable and quiet products. Our business now covers a variety of applications, including metros, trams, interurban railway, high-speed rail vehicles and railway engines.

          Adhering to “Zero Defect Concepts and Processes”, NGC manufactures high quality products with outstanding technology. All products conform to the highest standards throughout their lifetime to create value for customers. After many years of hard work and accumulated experience with customers worldwide, NGC now has professional management teams and service networks throughout the world to ensure the safe operation of customers’ vehicles. To date, there are more than 25,000 rail transport gearboxes operating smoothly in various vehicles and equipment all over China, North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa, where they have earned the approval and respect of customers worldwide.

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          About NGC

          Expert in solutions for wind-turbine

          gearboxes and transmission systems

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