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          NGC’s High-speed Box for Hydrogen Expanders is Identified as the First Major Equipment in Jiangsu Province

          Published: 2020-04-07


          Recently, NGC’s independently developed 495.3 high-speed box for hydrogen expanders was identified as the first set of major equipment of Jiangsu Province in 2019, by the Industry and Information Technology Department of Jiangsu. This signifies that an important new product has joined NGC’s high speed gearbox product series and also indicates that the level of China’s petrochemical gas treatment transmission equipment technology has now reached international standards!

          Able to be used in ultra-high speeds, ultra-low temperatures, explosion-proofing and other harsh working conditions

          The typical characteristics of the high-speed box for hydrogen expanders include: high gear pitch linear speed of “150m/s”, high bearing bush linear speed of “130 m/s”, ultra-low operating temperature of “-140℃”, plus hydrogen-rich working conditions, which represents a danger of explosion. Due to strict operating requirements and safety risks, customers always select imported products. Nonetheless, NGC’s successful development of this high-speed box for hydrogen expander has promoted the localization of this kind of product.

          Highly reliable dynamic rotor design

          The impeller, the core part of the hydrogen expander, is installed on the high-speed gear shaft to form a long cantilever structure, which increases the flexibility of the rotor. In ultra-high speed conditions, this type of box has very high requirements for dynamic rotor design. The NGC technical team came up with a creative solution to this problem thanks to a technological breakthrough.

          Innovative design for high-speed box status monitoring systems

          This product is equipped with sensing probes for temperature, vibration, rotation speed, phase and acceleration; these are distributed throughout the key parts of the gearbox. This is the first time NGC’s modular, integrated total monitoring technology has been applied to a transmission system. Even a tiny displacement of 1μm will be recorded by the monitoring equipment and can be easily observed. These remote monitoring systems can not only guarantee the smooth operation of the equipment, but also identify and analyze any failure risks in advance, so as to ensure the full diagnostic management of the whole life cycle of the products.

          Outstanding performance

          The “NGC 495.3 High-speed Box for Hydrogen Expanders” passed the new product identification for Jiangsu province in October 2018. Since the first prototype of the product was used at customer site at the end of 2018, the shaft vibration, shaft displacement, box vibration, bearing bush temperature and noise data of the gearbox have all been even better than the design indicators. With product characteristics considered even better than those of imported varieties, it has been highly appreciated by customers. Many customers have expressed strong wish to enter into closer cooperation with NGC. In June 2019, the product was included in Jiangsu Province’s List of New Technologies and New Products to be Mainly Promoted and Applied. By the end of 2019, more than a dozen high-speed boxes for hydrogen expanders have been running well at different customer sites.

          The “high-speed box for hydrogen expanders” technology is not only used in the field of hydrogen expanders, but can also be extended to other medium- to high-speed expanders or gear compressors. Through innovation and development, NGC has broken through technical barriers and accumulated rich experience in design, manufacturing and applications. The company will continue to adhere to its corporate spirit of “Striving for Perfection, Scaling New Heights”, and devote itself to the industry, rewarding customers with high-quality products. At the same time, NGC will take on the responsibilities of promoting technological innovation and product upgrade, unswervingly implement its internationalization strategy and make unremitting efforts in the development of China’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

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